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uwaterloo's Journal

University of Waterloo Community
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Things of interest to University of Waterloo students, faculty, and staff.
This community is constructed for anyone connected with or interested in the University of Waterloo. This includes students, staff, alumni, faculty, community members, potential students or anyone else!

Posting is open to everyone, but please keep posts on-topic. Of course, on-topic is a very loose term. Anything is on-topic if it is of interest to the Waterloo community at large.

Advertising events is ok; spamvertising is not. Maintainers get to decide what constitutes spamvertising.

Posters and commenters are expected to exercise common courtesy and good judgement in posting and commenting in the community. Edits to posts that substantially change their content should be marked as such. Comments should not be deleted by anyone other than the commenter or the moderators, and then an explanation should be provided for the deletion.

The maintainers kraig and dawn_guy would appreciate anything questionable being brought directly to their attention.